Lightroom Mobile and Its Benefits

Have you ever thought of modifying your images straight on your mobile devices? Well, Adobe Lightroom, the famous post processing tool in the market has now released its mobile application version. However, before you start using it, you have to understand first the basics of Lightroom.


Basically, everything you need is in the basic panel in the develop module, such as:

  • Cropping features
  • 36 built in Lightroom presets
  • Tone curves adjustments
  • Vignette options
  • Black and White adjustment tools

Most Android and IOS devices are not color regulated, so indepth image processing should be made on the desktop application if it is a priority task.

Here are some of the benefits of Lightroom mobile:

Synchronize images to and from the mobile device

When using Lightroom mobile for the first time, you will notice that the application will ask you to import images. You can either select all or choose images manually. Moreover, when connected and synced to one Adobe ID, you can import edited and raw images to and from Lightroom CC. This works to all forms of file format.

Lightroom mobile allows you to share images online

When you’re done modifying images in Lightroom mobile, you can share the images online and make it available to the public for free viewing. The mobile application automatically generates a link so that people can just click and view. However, only creative cloud users can leave and add comments on the image.

Allows you to access your images via Lightroom web

To access files online, all you have to do is to login and open the Lightroom web application and use your Adobe ID to access your image folders. By then, you can add appropriate ratings, comments, flags, keywords, metadata and more.

Do you use Lightroom preset for your Lightroom mobile? If yes, you can get more exciting Lightroom preset on Pinterest or Behance.

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